It is an honor to serve as your State Treasurer and I hope you will take time to stop by and tour the historic State Treasurer’s Office while you’re visiting Idaho’s Statehouse. This office has remained in the same location on the first floor of the Capitol building since its construction in 1912.

I invite you to click on the links below and become part of Idaho’s history by creating and registering your own Mini-Vault.

Julie A. Ellsworth

Idaho State Treasurer


The Vault, located in the Idaho State Treasurer’s Office, offers a unique look into the history of Idaho’s Capitol Building. Housed in its original location, the Vault was put in place during the first phase of the Capitol’s construction in 1912. The rest of the Capitol's east wing was built around the vault and it has not been moved since. Within the Vault is a 1905 manganese cannonball safe, which was originally located in Idaho’s Territorial Capitol Building. The gallery below contains images of the outside and the inside of the historic Treasurer’s Vault and the cannonball safe.

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  • Vault2
  • Vault3
  • Vault4
  • Vault5
  • Vault6
  • Vault7
  • Vault8
  • Vault9
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Now everyone can be a part of Idaho’s historic Vault! The Treasurer’s Mini-Vault is designed to help Idahoans of all ages become familiar with the importance of saving. Anytime you earn or receive money, if you save just a little you can watch it grow over time. We hope you’ll use the Mini-Vault to begin your money-saving journey today. For more information about saving for your future, please see the links below.

Download Mini-Vault:

You can pick up a Mini-Vault in the Treasurer’s Office or click here to download a printable version:


Register Your Mini-Vault:

Click here to register your Mini-Vault and receive a certificate with your unique registration number.